02.12.2017 – Augsburg – Facing The Swarm Thought, Notions, Turd Sandwich

flyer ballonfabrik sur l'eau facing the swarm thought turd sandwich notions

Facebook event:

„SA.. 02.12.2017 | 7 Jahre Ballonfabrik Augsburg – Fabrik Unique


Facing The Swarm Thought (Augsburg-rooted HC/Metal/Sludge/Mathcore)
Notions (Münster, HC/Punk)
sur l‘eau (München, HC/Screamo)
Turd Sandwich („Münchens Crackrocksteady-Anarchopunks“)“

CANCELLED 28.10.2017 – Berlin – GÆS, Gall, Moral Bombing

gæs gall scharni live sur l'eau moral bombing berlin

Text stolen from right here.

„Slaughter your ears with:

GÆS (powerviolence/grindcore from NRW)

GALL (noise/powerviolence from Potsdoom)

Moral bombing (powerviolence from Sourland)

sur l‘eau (emoviolence from Munich)

Doors: 21.00 / Death: 22:00

If you got any nazi or sexist sympathies stay at home and be ashamed of yourself.“

21.06.2017 – Munich – „Fenster putzen“ live

Review: 21.06.2017 – Munich – Respire, Love/Lust, Sur L‘eau

respire love lust sur l'eau live kafe marat 2017 flyer

Original text right here!

„The openers LUST SUR L‘EAU were the local act from München, played spastic and loose hardcore and were fitting openers, bringing in shorter songs and a more direct approach, with the two out of town bands playing 5-10 minute songs. Check some out below. I‘m kind of lost on comparisons here, but the vocalist was very in your face which added an extra notch of intensity to the set. I guess maybe Arches? I don‘t know.“ (At least we‘re just called sur l‘eau, but thank you so much Open Mind / Saturated Brain <3 )

16.09.2017 – Regensburg (secret show) – Køndør, Umami

Flyer kondor sur leau umami regensburg