After tour mood post <3

Here it is: the ultimate after-tour shoutout with all the feels <3!

sur leau at the north sea 2017

At first: the most important person on this tour was Ali. She drove the most of the route although she sometimes had to despair because of all the shit we talked and did (putting on jackets the wrong way for example). She also took photos and videos, had to help us carrying our stuff, prepare the rental car and lots of stuff. Thanks! <3


Let’s begin with the Monday show in Hamburg. Arriving after a seven hour lasting ride from the near bottom to the near top of Germany, we finally managed to get 2/4 of the band drunk. We still got our shit together at the Astrastube and met the very kind and wonderful people of 70cm3 of Your Chest and Belka. We performed our first show at the tour and we’re stoked by all the great respond of the Hamburg crowd <3 Later that evening our singer Felix lost his voice from eating a falafel. Yeah, what the fuck. Belka offered us to sleep at one of theirs place, so thanks so much! We tried and failed to solve your ninth grade math exam, sorry :( But your breakfast suggestion was nice! We took the chance to see the North Sea and drove to Cuxhaven, looked at the water and elderly Germans cycling and drank some Flensburger. The obligatory band photo from above was taken there (but it’s kinda underexposed, but that makes it more grim).


Next stop: Pott. I want to anticipate this: we fell in love there, because it was so kernig. We fell in love with the warmth of all the GÆS and xlangenx people and all their friends and folks they brought to our common show. An extra shoutout goes out for N. <3. She cooked the hell out their kitchen, we were so fucking stuffed we can’t easily spell out how good all that food was (stuff like Kartoffelsalat with smoked tofu and the most juicy brownies with a peanut butter topping, gosh). We had a fantastic post show hangout at their place and knocked over some beers on the floor. Sorry for that.


Yeah, we want to repeat our Facebook post about playing in the Gerber is just like sitting in the living room, fully drunk and yelling at your cat. We met our friends from Trvefrykt Zine who organized the show and shared some beers and ossicola with them. Xoxo to those Assis! And also a shoutout to Gab de la Vega: your music sounds like you understand our (post) teenage feelings <3.

Ali ran out of patience ;(


Hell of a town. It took us about 1,5 h from the town border to the venue and we paid about 10 Euros for parking few hours. But it was worth it. Organized by Sleaze Shows, we shared the stage with MOLE and the Petrol Girls which was very awesome. Besides the gig we met our Berlin friends in Love/Lust (their singer did a last minute guest part in „Fenster putzen“ and determined that our lyrics on bandcamp are a bit wrong, sorry!), Miss The Stars (thanks so much for the backpatches <3) and some other important persons (Mr. „feige!“). And at this point the first fatigue showed up. Vicky began to suffer from a cold :(


Our second gig at the Atari in Leipzig was also a blast. Teaming up again with the Petrol Girls and also Respect My Fist and ZilpZalp, all of us bands managed to get the venue sold out. Thanks to all of you! The crowd, the guy who offered us to sleep at his apartment, the lovely Atari team and all the other Leipzig friends who showed up!


Dishope, No Rules No Order and our Munich friends Strick we’re playing with us on that very chaotic but funny show with all the Landkrusten from Bavaria. At that point we were really exhausted. We were tired, everyone got a cold and at least our singer could barley scream because of his hoarseness he earned in Hamburg. Almighty Vicky then succeeded in bringing everyone home during the night. And now, some days after the whole thing, we’re still a bit sick but very glad that all this happened! It couldn’t have happened without all of you great people out there, we hope you had as much fun with this like we had. Until the next time!

- Sur L‘eau, 2017, xoxo

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